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Digimerge DDNS – the migraine eliminator

Setting up remote connection to a DVR has been known to cause a few migraines. Sure, it sounds easy enough… just plug-and-play, right? Well, not quite. If you’re a novice in Networking like me, be prepared to experience the remote access realities of Port Forwarding, Static versus Dynamic IP, and my personal favorite – Router configuration! Once you’re up-and-running, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your worries are over. Connection can suddenly fail, leaving you wondering what went wrong?… Without proper resources (namely an IT-savvy geek on-hand), it’s enough to make your head spin.

Digimerge understands these remote access issues and we make it painlessly simple for the networking novice to achieve remote connection and then not have to worry about it. You could say we take the “work” out of networking. If your IP address is subject to change from time to time, you’re actually in luck because we offer a superior and free Dynamic DNS Service. Plus, we still provide the flexibility to go with a third party service if the integrator so desires.

Registration for our DDNS at takes just a couple of minutes. You complete a quick form, receive an email confirmation with some important info, enter that info into your Digimerge DVR – and you’re good to go! To deal with the complicated aspect of Port Forwarding, we offer a free exclusive tool called Auto Port Forwarding which automates the router port forwarding process thus enabling instant remote access by PC, Mac or smartphone.

Finally, it’s important to point out that Digimerge DDNS is supported by 4 redundant servers across North America, so our service never lets you or your customers down. Can’t say the same about our competitors who typically use a single server overseas (ie: somewhere in Asia). When a single server crashes in the Far East, it takes time for the server to come back up which typically creates a customer phone call to the dealer inquiring as to why they can’t see their cameras, which can lead to an unnecessary service call. Our Dealers can rest easy knowing that they won’t be getting calls at 3PM due to a problem stemming from a site where it’s 3AM.