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Wide Dynamic Range Tames Difficult Lighting Conditions

Our hottest selling camera is the DPV24D Pinnacle Vandal Dome. It produces a gorgeous picture, has outstanding night vision, plenty of settings, bells, whistles and streamers. Most importantly, it flat-out works reliably… we just got one back that got hit by a truck not once, but three times, and it still operates!! Here’s a link to see it but please don’t get any ideas from this as our Warranty and Time is Money program do not cover bad driving. Bottom line: I’d recommend the DPV24D for most security applications… but not all applications.

One feature the DPV24D lacks is True Wide Dynamic Range… it has “Electronic Wide Dynamic Range” which is really just the equivalent of Shadow Reduction. We recently recorded some dramatic footage in our warehouse showing the DPV24D versus our DPV34WL (Vandal Dome featuring True WDR powered by the Pixim Seawolf solution). Under normal conditions with consistent lighting in the room, both cameras are equally terrific. But when the overhead door in receiving rolled-up and sunlight came pouring in through an isolated area… wow! The True WDR difference clearly came into play as the DPV24D didn’t have the range to handle such contrasting lighting simultaneously. So even with Electronic WDR the resulting DPV24D picture shows a glowing bright halo in the doorway which appears like a portal to the afterlife was opened. The DPV34WL on the other hand quickly adjusted and you can see an actual person (not an angel) walking just beyond the doorway area.

We have posted these powerful videos on our Videos Page and YouTube channel.

Some security camera features offer a visible difference while others aren’t as apparent. But there’s no questioning True Wide Dynamic Range once you see it in action, it’s a lot more than just a clever marketing pitch. When spending the extra dollars for the WDR feature, make sure you’re getting True Wide Dynamic Range (a unique hardware solution) and not Electronic WDR (which is basically just Shadow Reduction technology). There’s really no comparison – True WDR is far more effective and given a high contrast lighting situation,  you stand a much better chance of catching the license plate of the vehicle that’s backing / bashing into your building.