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Featured videos

Hawaii 30X IP PTZ

Amazing footage from DNZ30TL2R

960H Testimonial

Installation at youth shelters

Super-R 960H DVR

Unleash the power of 960H

Latest Videos

Hawaii 30X IP PTZ
Impressive DNZ30TL2R powerful zoom footage

960H Testimonial
Installation of FLIR 960H at youth shelters

Super-R 960H DVRs
Overview of FLIR Summit Series 960H DVRs

IP Cameras & NVRs

Overview of DNR200 Series Easy NVRs

SyncroIP Cameras
Overview of IP Camera line-up

SD Recording
Tutorial: Recording to SD card using Syncro-V

PC/NAS Recording
Tutorial: Recording to PC/NAS using Syncro-V

SyncroIP Operation
Quick start tutorial – get up and running


Mobile Apps

DIGIiMobile Touch app demo

BDVR Viewer BlackBerry App

Unparalleled connectivity and powerful features

Remote Connection

CMS-DH Part 1
Install and Navigate CMS-DH

CMS-DH Part 2
E-Mapping, Zoom & Smart Search

iSMS Mac
Complete DVR control via Mac

DVR Features

Touch Series
Connect 4 DVR lines

Remote access made easy

Auto Port Forwarding
Free exclusive software

Video Retrieval
How to Search, Play & Back-up video footage

Email Alerts
Setting up E-mail Notification

Touch Screen
Touch DVRs now work with Touch Screens

Camera Features

WDR Cameras
Wide Dynamic Range – seeing is believing

Advanced DNR
Digital Noise Reduction