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Where to Buy

FLIR Professional Security maintains a national sales and stocking distributor network across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. We make it easy to specify, purchase, install and operate our advanced systems and components.

For FLIR Visible products, find your closest stocking distributor or contact your local Sales agent

For FLIR Thermal Cameras, call 1-877-773-3547 for general inquiries or find a sales rep near you






FLIR Professional Security products are sold exclusively through installing dealers and integrators who purchase FLIR products at authorized distributors. A list of these distributors can be viewed on the FLIR Professional Security website, These professional dealers and integrators provide exceptional installation as well as post sales and service support on FLIR products.

Please be advised that any claimed web distributor offering FLIR Professional Security products on the internet that is not an authorized distributor will not be in a position to honor the FLIR warranty as it will not be honored by FLIR Systems.

Unauthorized internet distributors often deceive the consumer by offering a warranty on a FLIR product that is not available to them. We urge you to use caution when purchasing FLIR Professional Security products through unauthorized internet distributors.